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No Place So Far

No Place So Far

O’Donnell, Erin

It’s 2am, the ticking in the hall
Is keeping time
The clock is counting down to morning’s light
Too many times I’ve crossed the line
And put my faith aside
And the regret I feel won’t let me sleep tonight

No height, no depth
Could keep you from my love
Nothing that you could ever do
There’s no place so far
That you are out of reach
No matter what you feel
This still is true
Nothing can keep my love from you


I never thought I’d get so far
From where I started out
I must have left you one day at a time
And thinking of the things I’ve don
And longing for what’s lost
I can’t believe you’d want me as I am

And even though it feels like
I’m the smallest one on earth
Somehow your quiet voice inside is heard

No matter how we’ve fallen
No matter where we are
God’s heart is always waiting
His arms are never far


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