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No Weapon

No Weapon

Dennis Garner

No Weapon
Written by Dennis Garner

I’m telling you No Weapon formed against me shall prosper
Spiritually on the microphone bringing the Gospel
But a plan in God’s flow, you know this ain’t no opera
If he’s living with you, you know they cannot stop you
Though your way might get dark, you cannot see it through
My Father sent the Holy Spirit just to be with you
I was born to give Praise so Praise is what I do
From Genesis to Revelation, God’s word is true


NO Weapon formed against me
Shall not, will not prosper
NO Weapon formed against me
Shall not, will not prosper

Satan is the master of deception, don’t be deceived
Make up your mind today in whom you will believe
So how he did Eve my God wasn’t pleased
Sin is like a sickness, it spreads like disease
But here’s the antidote, grab the hem of his coat
He sent his Son here to this world, to bring us hope
That’s why I read his word and I quote
With every note while you’re playing or praying
My God is no Joke


God lives in me that’s why I got the Victory
No matter what this world do or say or claim to be
Attacked from all directions, the Blood is my protection
The Two Edged Sword called the Word is the Weapon
Keep stepping Satan we ain’t falling to your hoodwink
Trying to make me think that your wine is good drink
Breaking the chainlink
I’m staying free with Jehovah
Got your Weapon formed against me
I got God, I thought I told you
No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper

It won’t work
It won’t work
It won’t work
It won’t work


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