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Now She’s 24

Now She’s 24


Blind her eyes begin the darkness in her mind
The left and right inside her, cruel and kind
The past still haunts her now, Though she was just 15
And no-one blames a girl as young as she was


She starts to speak her truth she’s never said before
The things that keep her so reserved
And as she speaks it out she slowly splits her eyes
To shed a little tear and taste the light

I believe in you, yes I believe in you

Now she’s 24 and ready to begin
To let her past be past and start to live
She knew there must be more, a purpose to this life
Emotions not created just to die


She reaches out her hands and opens up her eyes
Tears begin to fall with pride
For the first time she feels peace, for the first time she feels joy,
For the first time she screams Jesus I am yours


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