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O Lord, How Happy Should We Be

O Lord, How Happy Should We Be


Verse 1
O lord, how happy should we be if we could cast out care on thee
If we from self could rest
And feel at heart that one above
In perfect wisdom perfect love is working for the best


Verse 2
How far from this our daily life
Ever disturbed by anxious strife
By sudden wild alarms
O could we but relinquish all
Our earthly props and simply fall
One this almighty arms.

Verse 3
Could we but kneel and cast our load
Even while we pray, upon our God
Then ride with lightened cheer
Sure that the father, Who is nigh
To still the famished raven’s cry
Will hear, in that we fear


Verse 4
Lord, make these faithless heart of ours
Thy lessons learn from birds and flowers
Make them from self to cease
Leave all things to a father’s will
And taste, before him lying still
Even in Affiction, peace


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