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O lord, With One Accord

O lord, With One Accord

W. Pennefather

Verse I
One lord ” with one accord”
We gather round thy throne,
To hear thy holy word
To worship thee alone
Now send from heaven the holy ghost
Be this another pentecost


Verse 2
We have no strength to meet
The storms that round is lower
Keep thou our trembling feet
In every trying hour
More than victorious shall we be
If grided with thy panoply


Verse 3
Where is the mighty wind
That shook the holy place
That gladdened every mind
And brightened every face
And where the cloven tongues of flame
That marked each follower of the lamb

Verse 4
There is no charge in thee
Lord God the holy ghost
Thy glorious majesty
Is as at pentecost
O may out loosened tongues proclaim
That thou our lord art still the same


Verse 5
And may that living wave
That issues from on high
Whose golden water labe
Thy throne eternal
Flow down in power on us today
And none shall go unblessed away


Verse 6
Anoint us with thy grace
To yield ourselves to thee
To run our daily race
With joy and energy
Until we hear the Bridgegroom say
“Rise up my love and come away”


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