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Oh But God Lyrics

Oh But God 

By Shane & Shane

Stanza 1
I was buried beneath my rebellion, lost without hope of redemption
Blind in my need for a Savior, oh but God

Stanza 2
Crushed by the weight of my failure, living the lie I created
Digging my grave without knowing, oh but God, oh but God

Rich in mercy, how You loved me, too much to let me stay lost
My salvation sent from heaven, nailing my sin to a cross

Oh but God

Stanza 3
You gave me a truth worth believing, I traded my chains for Your freedom
You were the one that I needed, oh but God

Stanza 4
Resurrected my heart from the ruins, my rescue came through like the morning
Now this is my sure testimony, oh but God, oh but God

All the wreckage of my choices, You have turned to life from ashes
Lifted from death, risen with Him, now I stand in confidence (I know that)


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