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Oh I

Oh I

Killings, Debra



Never wanna be someone I know

I can not be. In bondage to no

one thought what I think you

think of me. Too old,too young,

too short what you say it don’t

move me none. Cause I know his

perfect will. For me it shall

be done



Oh I

I’m gonna think what I say

and I’m gonna be this way till

Jesus comes back for me

Oh I

I’m gonna praise him for making me

This way till eternity

Yes I am,yes I am



First you love him then you don’t

Tell me whatever could of happen

to commitment. Love and trust

go out the door just when you

think you made it child

You ain’t got nothing if you

ain’t got Jesus on your side

He before you ain’t nothing gonna

happen to you

(Chorus Repeat)



Oh yeah hey oh oh

Oooh comes back for me

Oh yeah yeah hey hey

Oooh..Yeah oh oh oh

(Chorus Repeat 2x)



Yes I am,yes I am (7x / The end)


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