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Open Those Pearly Gates

Open Those Pearly Gates

The Parker Trio


Open those pearly gates, I�m coming home
Walk down those streets of gold
To my brand new home
Gather the angels round we�ll sing a brand new song
We�re gonna have a time up there
Won�t you come along

I�ve been dreaming of the day,
When Jesus shall appear
I�m so tried of living here,
With troubles doubts and fears
Well I know He�s coming back for me,
And that�s a promise I believe
When Gabriel sounds that trumpet loud
From this old world I�ll leave

Can�t you see the lights of home,
In the eastern sky
It�s our blessed Savior,
We�re gonna see Him by and by
So get on board and ride with us,
To a land above
Where all is joy and peace forever in God�s love




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