Best Gospel Lyrics



Getting still and slowing down
Moving past the sights and sounds
Trying to stop my racing mind
Trying to leave this world behind
Wading through this constant noise
Desperate just to hear your voice
You are always there to meet me when I call to You


I can’t contain this peace
It runs through me

When my words are not enough
To paint a picture of your love
You are all I’m thinking of
I’m overwhelmed, I’m overcome
Can I ever find a way
To capture what I feel today?
The only words that I can say
I’m overwhelmed, I’m overcome

You have made the sun and moon
You knew me in my mother’s womb
Because of you creation bows
There is worship all around
Every hair that’s on my head
Numbered like my every breath
There is nothing that’s beyond your reach or understanding

And I can’t hold back these tears
Just knowing you’re here



More then I can comprehend
I can barely take it in
I see who you are
And I’m undone and I’m overcome


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