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Pentecostal Power

Pentecostal Power

Charlotte G. Homer

Verse 1
Lord as of old at pentecost
Thou didst thy power display
With cleansing purifying flame
Descend on us today


Lord, send the old time power
The pentecost power!
Thy flood gate of blessing on us throw open wide lord,
Send the old time power
The pentecost power
That sinner be converted and thy name glorified


Verse 2
For mighty works for thee prepare
And strengthen every heart
Come, take possession of thine own
And never more depart

Verse 3
All self consume, all sin destroy!
With earnest zeal endue
Each waiting heart to work for thee
O lord, our faith renew!


Verse 4
Speak, lord! before thy throne we wait
Thy promise we believe
And will not let thee go until
The blessing we receive!


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