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Peru National Anthem

Peru Flag1Peru National Anthem
Peruvian National Anthem (Himno Nacional del Peru)


We are free!
may we always be so ,may we always be so!
and let the sun rather deny its light
its lights, its lights…the sun!
Before allow us to break the solemn vow
which the motherland elevated to the Eternal
Before allow us to break the solemn vow
which the motherland elevated to the Eternal
Before allow us to break the solemn vow
which the motherland elevated to the Eternal.

For a long time the oppressed Peruvian
dragged the ominous chain;
sentenced to a cruel servitude
for a long time , for a long time
for a long time in silence he moaned.
But as soon as the sacred cry
“Liberty!” was heard on its coasts,
he shook off the indolence of slavery,
the humiliated , the humiliated
the humiliated neck he raised
the humiliated neck he raised
the neck he raised!.

Now the roar of rough chains
that we had heard for three centuries of horror
from the free, at the sacred cry
that the world heard astonished, ceased.
Everywhere the inflamed San Martín
“Liberty”, “Liberty” pronounced;
and the Andes, rocking their base,
announced it as well, in unison.

With its influx the peoples woke up,
and like lighting ran the opinion;
from the Isthmus to Tierra del Fuego,
and from Tierra del Fuego to the icy region.
Everyone vowed to break the link
that Nature denied to both worlds,
and break the sceptre that Spain
had reclined, proud, on both.

Lima fulfilled this solemn vow,
and, severe, its anger showed
by throwing out the powerless tyrant,
who had been trying to extend his oppression.
On its endeavor the shackles cracked,
and the furrows that it had repaired in itself
stirred up its hatred and vengeance,
inherited from its Inca and Lord.

Countrymen, may we see it a slave no more.
If for three centuries it moaned, humiliated,
forever may we swear it’d be free,
maintaining its own splendor.
Our arms, until today unarmed,
be they always readying the cannon,
that some day the beaches of Iberia
will feel the horror of its roar.

May we arouse the jealousy of Spain
since it has a premonition, with want and furor,
that in a contest of great nations
our country will enter in comparison.
On the list formed by these
we shall fill the line first,
ahead of the ambitious Iberian tyrant,
who devastated all of America.

On its summit may the Andes sustain
the two-color flag or standard,
may it announce to the centuries the effort
that being free gave us forever.
Under its shadow may we live calmly
and, at the sun’s birth over its summits,
may we renew the great oath
we rendered to the God of Jacob.

Flag History

Adopted in 1825, red and white were chosen by San Martin, “El Liberador” (the Liberator).
The colors also recall those of the Incas, who ruled much of Peru until European colonization.
The coat of arms dates from 1825 and depicts a cornucopia, a chichona tree, and a llama.

Geographic Coordinates:
10 00 S, 76 00 W
1,285,216 sq km
Life Expectancy:
71.03 years
Government Type:
Constitutional Republic
$253 billion (2009 est.)
8.1% (2009 est.)
Nuevo Sol (PEN)
Calling Code:
Internet TLD:


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