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Poland National Anthem

Poland FlagPoland National Anthem
Poland Is Not Yet Lost (Mazurek Dabrowskiego)


Poland has not died yet
So long as we still live
That which alien force has seized
We at sabrepoint shall retrieve

March, march, Dabrowski
To Poland from Italy
Under thy command
Let us now rejoin the nation

Like Czarniecki to Poznan
Returned across the sea
To free our fatherland from chains
Fighting with the Swede

March, march…

Cross the Vistula and Warta
And Poles we shall be
We’ve been shown by Bonaparte
Ways to victory

March, march…

Germans, Muscovites will not rest
When, backsword in hand
“Concord” will be our watchword
And the fatherland will be ours

March, march…

Father, in tears
Says to his Basia
Just listen, it seems that our people
Are beating the drums

March, march…

All exclaim in unison
Enough of this bondage
We’ve got scythes from Raclawice
God will give us Kosciuszko

Flag History

Adopted in 1919, the Polish bi-color design was developed after World War 1.
Red and white were the colors of choice taken from the 13th century arms. In
the past, red was said to represent socialism while white signifies a desire for peace.

Geographic Coordinates:
52 00 N, 20 00 E
312,685 sq km
Life Expectancy:
75.85 years
Government Type:
$690.1 billion (2009 est.)
8.9% (January 2010 est.)
Zloty (PLN)
Calling Code:
Internet TLD:



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