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Hammond, Fred

written by Fred Hammond/Kim Rutherford
Performed by Fred Hamond & Radical For Christ


In the beginning
God created the heavens and earth
this whole wide world where we live
And since that day
Everything that He made still lives
Now we the saints of the Most High
Shall arise
This is our finest hour
To show the whole world
The God we serve has awesome power
He’s given us

Power (Power)
He is the only one with all the Power
The undefeated champion
From the beginning ’til time is no more
You can be sure, sure


Who else can cause the water to divide
So His children can cross the other side
Talkin’ ’bout when
Pharaoh chased them down
His army went in
But every single one of them got drowned.

B Chorus:
Never be another power like Him
There’s no one beside Him
There’s no one above Him
Never be another power
No power, like Him, Him



Look at me I can testify
This powerful God really is on my side
Even when the enemy
Tried to take me out
My God stepped in
And He proved beyond a shadow of a doubt
That there will never b

B Chorus


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