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Praise The Lord

Praise The Lord

Dunaways, The

“Praise The Lord” – by The Dunaways


Praise The Lord all ye people,
let’s ring the bell and raise the steeple
Lift your hearts in one accord,
let’s show the world that Christ is Lord

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen revival
torn down the standards, strayed far from the Bible
but it’s time to shine like a city on a hill
We’ll move the hand of God if his children will..

The clock is ticking, time is running out
soon we’re gonna find out, what heaven’s all about
But until then we gotta run for the prize
If we’re gonna win the world, we gotta do it with our lives


Come on everybody praise the Lord
Come on everybody…. praise the Lord don’t be ashamed
shout the name above all names
clap your hands stomp your feet
until your joy is made complete
lift your hearts in one accord
come on everybody let’s praise the Lord



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