Best Gospel Lyrics



W’s, The


Followed you home one night after work. Saw you go inside and watch Captain Kirk.

Ten o’clock rolled around the lights went out. That’s when I decided to roam about.

I want to see your house from the inside. I want to feel like it’s mine all mine. I dreamt about you every night and day. That’s why I want you to come out and play.
I crawled through your window because your door was locked. The floor was creaking as I walked. Strolled through your kitchen and into yout den.

That’s where I found my old friend. I got some food and put it in his dish.

He started to growl cause it smelled like fish.



Saw some lights outside the door. Guys in uniforms and a whole lot more. One jumped me and wrestled me down the next thing I knew I was being hauled downtown.


I couldn’t figure out why they locked me up when all I wanted to do is feed your pup.



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