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Reinventing Your Exit

Reinventing Your Exit


It’s twelfth and Hide on a Sunday
Feeling like we’re gold
We’re nothing short of invincible


It starts again can you feel it
It takes your breath away
Stop saying that we’re invincible

Around and round
You’re uninviting unrewarding
I’m misinforming you

We all want to be somebody
Right now we’re just looking for the exit

This is the way I would have done things
Up against the wall
You got me up against your wall

It’s you and me on a Monday
The lies that we told
This is where we both go numb now

You broke my heart again this time
Your fading now you crossed the line

Reaching out for a hand that’s not there
But you’re not there


Written by Underoath. � 2004 814 Stops Today (ASCAP)/Thirsty Moon River Publishing (ASCAP)



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