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Romania National Anthem

Romania National Anthem
Awaken thee, Romanian! (Desteapta-te, romane!)

Romanian, awaken your Spirit from the sleep of Death
Impressed upon you by Tyrannies of barbarians;
Now or never, fashion a new Fate,
Stronger than your foes’, Fate for them to bow to.

Now or never, our legacy prove to all,
That through our veins still flows the Blood of Ancient Rome
That in our chests we proudly hail a Name,
Triumphant in battle, the Name of Trajan.

Raise your strong brow and gaze around you
As trees stand in a forest, brave youths, a hundred thousand
An order they await, ready to pounce, as wolves among the sheep
Old men, and young, from mountains high and open plains.

Gaze mightily, glorious shadows, Michael, Stephen, Corvine
The Romanian nation, your descendants,
With weapons in their hands, with your Fire burning
“Life in Liberty or Death”, all shout together.

You were vanquished by the evils of envy
By the blind disunity at the Milcov and Carpathians
But we, our Spirit touched by saintly Liberty,
Swear allegiance, to be forever Brothers.

A widowed mother from the time of Michael the Great
Asks of her sons a helping hand today
And curses, with tears in her eyes, whosoever
In times of such great danger, proves to be a traitor.

May lightning bolts, thunder and brimstone kill
Whoever retreats from the glorious battle
When motherland or mother, with a tender heart,
Will ask us to pass through sword and flame.

Is not enough the yatagan of the barbaric crescent
Whose fatal wounds we feel burning today?
Now, the knout intrudes on our ancestral lands,
But with God as witness, we will fight it to the Death

Is not enough the despotism and its unseeing eye
Which for centuries enslaved us, as cattle?
Now, attempt the cruel, in their blind haughtiness,
To steal our Language, but we will fight them to the Death

Romanians of the four corners, now or never,
Be United in your Thoughts, United in your Feelings
Shout out to the world the the Danube is stolen
Through intrigue and coercion, malicious plots.

Priests, with the Cross before you, as the army is Christian,
The motto is Liberty and its goal eternal
Better dead in battle, in full glory
Than be enslaved again in our ancestral homeland.

Flag History

Adopted in 1989, the current Romanian flag was created in 1848 by combining the colors
of the Wallachia and Moldavia-the Ottoman provinces that made up Romania. Blue was used
in the Moldavian flag, yellow in the flag of Wallachia, and red was featured in the flags
of both and is the color of Romanian unity.

Geographic Coordinates:
46 00 N, 25 00 E
238,391 sq km
Life Expectancy:
72.71 years
Government Type:
$255.4 billion (2009 est.)
7.8% (2009 est.)
Romanian leu (RON)
Calling Code:
Internet TLD:



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