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Sacrifice of Praise

Sacrifice of Praise

Sacrifice of Praise


Lord, I humbly bow before Your holy throne of grace.
Living in these broken days, I come to seek Your face.
Knowing that in You, Lord Jesus, I will find the strength
To welcome anything that comes my way.

Deep within the shattered places burns a holy flame.
Shining with Your face, oh Lord, inside the place of pain.
Help me in each circumstance to have the love and faith
To live for You and give my life away.

I’ll be a sacrifice of praise,
Grateful for each and every day,
With every breath that I am given,
I’ll live to glorify Your name.

And when the mountains seem too high
I’ll keep my heart on things above,
Praying Your life will flow right through me
Sharing the fragrance of Your love.
Oh, Lord I yield my life to You,
And I offer up a sacrifice of praise.


I will never offer that which costs me nothing.


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