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St. Vincent & Grenadines Nacional Anthem

St. Vincent & Grenadines Nacional Anthem

Saint Vincent! Land so beautiful,
With joyful hearts we pledge to thee
Our loyalty and love, and vow
To keep you ever free.
Whate’er the future brings,
Our faith will see us through.
May peace reign from shore to shore,
And God bless and keep us true.
Hairoun! Our fair and blessed Isle,
Your mountains high, so clear and green,
Are home to me, though I may stray,
A haven, calm, serene.
Our little sister islands are
Those gems, the lovely Grenadines,
Upon their seas and golden sands
The sunshine ever beams.
Sent by Carlos Andr Pereira da Silva Branco

Flag History

The basic colors of the St. Vincent & Grenadines flag date from the flag hoisted on
the day of independence in 1979. Its blue, yellow and green were derived from the common
colors of the flags assigned to the Associated States by the College of Arms. Although
the original flag was designed by a local islander, there was much disagreement until a
new design was adopted in 1985. The blue recalls the sky, with the yellow representing the
sunshine. The green color was the symbol of the islands’ abundant vegetation . In the center
of the yellow field, a green geometrically shape logo depicts the “Gems of Antilles”.

Geographic Coordinates:
13 15 N, 61 12 W
389 sq km
Life Expectancy:
73.9 years
Government Type:
Parliamentary Democracy And A Commonwealth Realm
$1.55 billion (2009 est.)
15% (2001 est.)
East Caribbean dollar (XCD)
Calling Code:
+1 784
Internet TLD:




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