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Super Star

Super Star

Frank Edward

Ei ei ei ei ei ei na naa na
Every night you sing me a song
Oyibo na talk say na lullaby
This your love I no fit explain
Mama ei mama ei
Under the rain under the sun
You dey find what thing we go chop
As I dey sleep mama dey watch
Mama ei mama ei
Come dancing my mama o
This your love is confirmed oo
This song is for you oo
Mama ei mama ei

Superstar Mama
Shake your body
African mama
Dance a for me ei
Oyibo mama move your body
Oya oya now oya oya ei
God go bless Mama back to back

I go buy you mansion for land
I go buy you big aeroplane
Mama ei mama ei
Yea, I celebrate you mama
You’ve been there for me
I love you mama
You carry my matter for head
One by one together in a row
Move your body to the rhythm of the beat
All the mothers’ all over the world
This song is for you o

Mama move your body
Mama shake your body 2x
Ololololoo see how she dey dance
Mummy mummy ei move your body ei
Eledumare ei bless my Mummy ei
Mummy superstar spreading everywhere


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