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Taiwan National Anthem

Taiwan National Anthem

Our aim shall be to found a free land.
World peace be our stand.
Lead on, comrades, vanguards ye are.
Hold fast your aim, by sun and star.
Be earnest and brave, your country to save.
One heart, one soul, one mind, one goal!

San-min-chu-i, Wu-tang so tsung;
i-chien min-kuo, i-chin ta-t’ung.
Tzu erh to-shih, wei min ch’ien-feng;
su-yeh fei-hsieh, chu-i shih ts’ung.
Shih ch’in shih yung, pi hsin pi chung;
i-hsin i-te, kuan-ch’e shih-chung.

Flag History

Taiwan was formerly part of China but gained independence as a separate
state in 1949 under the Nationalist Party. The flag adopted for Taiwan
or Formosa, as it was known, had been the national flag of China. It was
used from 1928-1949 when the Kuomingtang, the Chinese Nationalist Party was
in power. The red field represents China, the blue canton and white sun was
the party flag of the Kuomingtang. The twelve rays of sunshine symbolize unending
progress, each ray represents two hours of each day.

Economic Growth Rate(yoy)[ 2018 forecast ]: 2.42 (%)
CPI Change Rate[ Mar. 2018 ]: 1.57 (%)
Unemployment Rate[ Mar. 2018 ]: 3.66 (%)
Monthly Regular Earnings of All Employees (Industry and Services)[ Feb. 2018 ]: 40,483 (NT dollars)
Industrial Production Index Growth Rate[ Mar. 2018 ]: 3.09 (%)
Value of Export Orders[ Mar. 2018 ]: 42,383 (million US dollars)
Import on customs basis Growth Rate[ Mar. 2018 ]: 10.4 (%)
Export on customs basis Growth Rate[ Mar. 2018 ]: 16.7 (%)
Total Population-Both Sexes[ Feb. 2018 ]: 23,571,408 (persons)
Foreign Exchange Reserves[ Mar. 2018 ]: 457.19 (billion US dollars)
Trend-adjusted Leading Index[ Feb. 2018 ]: 101.17 (points)
Number of Visitor Arrivals[ Feb. 2018 ]: 850,762 (persons)


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