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The Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son

(Tune: Little Rabbit in the Woods)

By Sharon Broome

Once a father had two sons
Then one left home to have some fun
The son wasted all he had
Then things got real sad
Feed me! Feed me!”
The pigs all said.
The young son thought,
This is really bad.
I’ll go home say sorry
And dad’s servant I’ll be.”

Oh, the father was so sad
Missed his young son oh so bad
Saw his son a far off
And he ran out the door
 the father said
Come back home and I’ll be your dad.
Come my son, come on in
Please don’t leave again.”

The oldest brother had stayed home
Did what he should and he was bummed
The father killed a fatted cow
Why did he do this now?
I stayed! I stayed!” the old son said.
A feast for me you’ve never had!”
My son was lost but now he’s found
So let’s let love abound


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