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The Spirit Says Arise

The Spirit Says Arise

Hammond, Fred

The Spirit Says Arise
(written by Billy Funk)
(recorded by Fred Hammond & Radical For Christ)


Verse 1
The voice of God, Almighty Warrior, declaring war.
Hear His command, you are a chosen generation,
a mighty force in the land.

Verse 2
All of creation now is waiting
to see the righteous take their stand;
moving out in His anointing,
fulfilling God’s eternal plan.

Arise, this is the final hour.
Arise, you soldiers of the King.
Arise, put on your holy armor.
No, the gates of hell will not previal;
so arise, the spirit says arise.


Verse 3
The army of God is now assembled,
a people filled with power and might.
The time is now no hesitation,
take up your swords, stand up and fight


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