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Then Christ Came By MercyMe

Then Christ Came Lyrics

Stanza 1
Like a soldier with no armor, in the middle of the battle
I was broken, I was broken
It was only getting darker, in the valley of the shadow
I was hopeless, I was hopeless

I never thought that I would ever see the day when every single chain would break
Or hear the voice of heaven call my name

Then Christ came, changing ev’rything
He took my sin and shame away
Now every song, I sing will be for Him
Ever since the moment He walked in, then Christ came

I was searching for a reason to believe that I could ever
Really matter, ever matter
I was hoping, I was reaching, so desperate for my soul to find
Its Savior, I need a Savior

You are the one I prayed for, You are the one I was made for
Jesus You gave me purpose, Jesus You told me I’m worth it

Then Christ came


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