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Hobbs, Darwin

by Darwin Hobbs

I can�t explain it,
Something deep inside
I can�t contain it
Why should I try to hide
What I feel about You,
Oh it�s just too much
I know that words are not enough
So I�m gonna live mine as expressions of my love
There�s somethin� �bout Your love


Can I take a moment
I�m gonna try to say whats on my heart
And on my mind
I even tried to write a song but the words are too contrived
I just had to let it lie
Singing oh my Adonai,
To the Most High

Then like a river, emotion sings Your song, I shiver
These are the words I can�t deliver
I come undone because I just can�t find a way
You�re unexplainable get this smile
And be on my way
And did I forget to say
Oh what a lovely day,
Oh what a lovely day


And in the dawning
Somehow the newness is reborn
And somehow the news comes like a storm
I come undone,
Because I just can�t find a way
You�re unexplainable

Holy, holy, but that won�t do it
Glory in the highest,
That won�t do it
Doctor in the sickbed,
That won�t do it
Lawyer in the trial room,
But that won�t do it
Rock and a strong tower,
But that didn�t quite do it
Lily of the valley,
But now that won�t do it
Nothing I can find will ever quite do it
My heart, my soul, my mind,
Still that won�t do it,
Won�t do it


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