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Wandering child, O come Home

Wandering child, O come Home

Kem G. Bottorf

Verse 3
Have you wandered away from your father’s care
Hearted and sad do you roam?
There’s sweet, gentle voice calling now to you Wandering child
Wandering child, O, come home


Child, come home 4×
Wandering child, why longer roam?
‘Tis thy father now entreat
Wandering, Wandering child O come home come home.

Verse 2
Is your frail bark a drift on life’s reading sea
Are you tossed on its billows and foam?
There’s a safe harbor, waiting now for you
Wandering child, wandering child O come home.


Verse 3
He pleading today, heed his gentle voice
As he bids you no longer to roam
To that dear father’s house haste without delay
Wandering child, Wandering child, O come home.


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