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We Will Run / Ani Ma Amin lyrics

We Will Run / Ani Ma Amin 

By Paul Wilbur

Now arise O Lord to Your resting place
With all Your power and might
As we stand here clothed with Your righteousness
We will sing and dance for joy
For You have chosen Zion
As a place for You to dwell

We will run, we will run to the mountain of God
We will sound the alarm, salvation has come
We will dance we will praise, we will worship the Name
And all will bow before the glory of God
The glory of God

You swore an oath unto Abraham
Your covenant will stand
And on Your throne in Jerusalem
You provided a lamb
For You have chosen Zion, to make Your glory known!

Hodu L’Adonai ki tov
Hodu L’Adonai ki tov

Ani ma’amin
Ani ma’amin
Be’ emuna shel
Beviat Ha’Mashiach
Ani, ani ma’amin

Mashiach. Mashiach, Mashiach
Ay yi yi yi yi yi ‘

Veaf al pi sheyitmahmeha
Im kol zeh, achake loh
Achake bechol yom sheyavoh


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