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Why Do You Wait?

Why Do You Wait?

George F. Root

Verse 1
Why do you wait dear brother?
O why do you tarry so long
Your savior is waiting to give you
A place in his sanctified throne


Why not? 2×
Why not come to him now?
Why not? 2×
Why not come to him now?


Verse 2
What do you hope, dear brother
To gain by a further delay?
There’s no one to save you but Jesus
There’s no other way but his way.


Verse 3
Do you not feel, dear brother
His spirit now striving within?
Oh, why not accept his salvation
And throw off your burden of sin ?


Verse 4
Why do you wait, dear brother?
The harvest is passing away
Your savior is longing to bless you
There’s danger and death on delay!


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