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You And Only You

You And Only You


Jeromy Deibler, Michael Boggs


I’m a new dad and I’d really been wanting to write a song about my son, Hutch. Michael brought this melody over to my house and played it for me on three different occasions before I really heard it. That last time he said, “Tell me what you think about this,” and all of a sudden I really heard it and said, “Hey, I need to write some lyrics for that!” I wanted it to sound like a kid’s song. It’s got some great piano parts that sound really cool. Huey Lewis was our inspiration for that. –Jeromy

You came
Like a criminal in the night
You stole my heart
Right out from under me
It happened so suddenly
I’m living in a fantasy
If only just to see

You smile
And everything comes alive
I don’t know how I ever
Survived without you
Bringing out the kid in me
Now I’m resigned to
Say it’s

Only you
You and only you
You and only you
Can take this heart
And make it new
You and only you

I try
To make something of my day
But I hopelessly drift away
To the place where
We can be alone again
I’ll never be the same again
All because of


Well I may not be
Able to find
Able to find the words to say
To tell you how I feel
About the way you make me feel
But I’ll try this way


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