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You Are Holy

You Are Holy

Zschech, Darlene

Words by Darlene Zschech
Music by Darlene Zschech & David Holmes

You are holy
To be held in utter reverence
At times I hold my breath
And tremble
And behold your majesty


You are worthy
Of all praise and adoration
And when I fail to bring you pleasure
You extend your grace again

In the morning I will seek you
In the evening I will love you
I sing hallelujah I sing
Join the angels to worship
Honour, and praise your holy, holy name

You are perfect in all your ways
I come before you lift my hands
To say I love you
For your love it is enough

With my life Lord I will serve you
Every moment to be found in you
I sing hallelujah I sing join the angels
To worship, honour
And praise your holy, holy name


And praise your holy name
I will praise your holy name
Holy, holy name


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