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You Are Somebody

You Are Somebody

Deborah Barnes

You Are Somebody
by Deborah Barnes

Do people take you through changes
Do they make you feel bad
About yourself
When you’re only trying to do
The best you can


They wonder who, you think you are
Because you don’t live in luxury
And don’t drive a fancy car
Yet you’re happy because you are
A child of God So always remember


You are
Although they make you feel
like you’re nobody
But if you believe in Jesus
Then you are somebody
I’m glad it doesn’t matter
Where you live
Nor how much money that you give
But you gotta have the love of Jesus
In your heart, yes you do
That makes you
You are somebody

Oh, this world will make you feel like nothing
Because you don’t believe and act like they do
But you remember it doesn’t matter what the world
What this world thinks of you
Here’s what you gotta do
You go on, just keep on walking
Because no matter what you do
You’ll never stop people from talking
So hold your head up
and remember one thing
You are the child of the most high king
And he said



You are somebody
I am somebody
We all are somebody
Cause we believe in Jesus
Oh yes we do
You need to believe this too
(repeat 3xs)


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