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You Carry Me

You Carry Me

Sacrifice of Praise

When I walk through the fire,
When the flood waters rise,
You are here, I will not be afraid.
In the heart of my grief,
When I can hardly breathe,
I believe You will show me the way.


I can feel Your arms around me.
I can hear You whisper to me
Tenderly, Your love so deep.

You carry me
In Your love.
I am cradled in Your arms.
You carry me
Through the night.
I’m surrounded by Your light.
There is peace in the storm.
I am safe. I am warm.
In Your ever giving, never leaving, ever lasting arms of love.

Faithfully, You are here.
Through the pain, through the fear.
You alone are the strength of my heart.
And I know in this place
I’ll come through by Your grace
Ever held in Your loving embrace.

I can see Your hand before me
Mapping out a glimpse of glory
Love so deep
Surrounding me



How deep, how long, how wide, how high is the love of Christ



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