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You Found Me

You Found Me



I’ve got nowhere to turn
I’ve got nowhere to hide
And I’ve got no alibis
You’ve been following me
You know my history
And no matter how hard I try

I can’t explain away
The way I feel today
There’s only one thing I can say

You, You found me
You found me and You called me from the wilderness
From my cave of emptiness
You, You found me
You found me in the places of my loneliness
You told me there is more than this
You captured me with tenderness
You found me

There were so many days
Trying to figure out ways
To explain what I feel inside
I tried to fill up my soul
Without losing control
This desire never did subside


I’m ready to give in
I know I’ll never win
The hide and seek I’ve been in

In the pit of despair, I was all alone there
I wasn’t looking for You
But You found me anyway
You put Your hand on my face
Then You changed my name
Nothing can separate me from You


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