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Keep On Moving On

Keep On Moving On

Hezekiah Walker

Keep On Moving On
by: Hezekiah Walker


Be not weary
In well doing,
In time
It will come to pass,
Set your eyes on things above
Know that God is working on your behalf.

Bridge 1
(He may not come when you want him but you gotta hold on), Hold ON!

(All things work together for those who love the Lord, and don’t you moved by the snares of the enemy you gotta hold on), Hold ON!

(When your back is against the wall, you just gotta keep on moving on)

Bridge 2
God is not a man that he should lie
Never far away, he’s standing by.
God is not a man that he should lie….Hold On, Hold ON.


Clap your hands everybody, everybody just clap your hands and say Oh yee-eeaaa.

The race is not given
To the swift nor the strong,
Victory belongs to those who keep on moving on.

Keep-Keep, Keep on moving on.


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