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My Father Knows

My Father Knows

Whitman, Walt


My Father Knows
(written by Maurice Carter & Aaron Lindsey)
(recorded by Walt Whitman & The Soul Children of Chicago)

Verse 1:
Looking back over my life,
I�ve seen His promises are true.
I�ve never been forsaken,
He�s always seen me through.
This hope that I have within me
is knowing that He�s always there.
Healing all my heartaches
and calming all my fears;
my Father knows,

My Father knows every heartache.
My Father knows every joy.
Oh yes, He knows every moment of my life.
I have nothing to fear,
my Father knows,cause He�s with me.
Oh yes, He knows every pain that I feel.
One thing I know, my Father knows.


Verse 2:
I�ve seen strugles all around me,
and my heart is filled with peace.
My father walks beside me
and I feel such a sweet relief
knowing His hand is holding my life.
And He helps me when I fall,
He inclines His ears to hear
me every time I call.


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