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Secret Place

Secret Place

Whitman, Walt

Solo: When the storms of Life are raging. And the sea billows begin to roll. It seems as if there is trouble on every side. And You dont know which way to turn. Oh run to the secret place in God.


When your problems seem to hard for you to bear. And it seems as if no one really cares. The enemy has come to take you through. And you don’t know just what to do. Just run to the secret place. Press your way to that secret place in God.

Choir: Lord here I am. Help me understand. Cleanse me from all my secret faults. Take control of my life and Make me whole again. Lift me up, and take control. Of my life. Oh Oh Oh Oh hide me, Hide me, hide me, in your secret place. secret place. (2x)

Tenors: In your secret place (x)
Altos join: You shall dwell (x)
Sopranos Join: Hide me in your secret place (x)

ALL: In your secret place (x)


In your secret place
secret place (x)



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