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Use Me

Use Me

Whitman, Walt

Use Me
(written by Eric Thomas)
(recorded by Walt Whitman & The Soul Children of Chicago)


If I had ten thousand tounges,
I’d praise You with every one.
If I could fly to the uttermost parts of the world,
I’d spread the good news of Your greatness.

If I could blow like the wind,
if I could roar like the sea,
I’d perform for You a symphony.
But since I have none of these,
I’ll just use what You gave to me;
but whatever I use, whatever You choose,
I’ll use it to say thank You Lord.

Use me as an instrument of praise
(so I might praise Your name)
and it won’t be in vain.


(Use me) so someone can see
the light that shineth, that shineth in me.

Use me as an instrument of praise,
so that I might worship You.

Vamp 1
Whenever I pray, use me.
Whatever I say, speak through me.

Vamp 2
Use me, have Thine own way,
use me as an instrument of praise.

(Whatever I use, whatever You choose),
(I’ll use it to say thank You Lord).



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