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Come this far by yourself
Face the world on your own
No one heard your cry for help
Thought you were alone
I got a different story to tell you
Cause I’ve been there before
You know you feel so much
But there is so much more


You could wait
But there may not be tomorrow
So can you take
A minute just to listen and to let it go

This is the time
This is the place
This is the love
That was given to us by grace
Dont turn away
Today is the day
Open up your heart
His love is waiting, waiting

(Forever waiting)

Now, I know that you have so many questions
Deep down your wondering
But you’re driven by doubt
And you question everything
And I know that you have been disappointed
But you are not here alone
So let me show you that you
Dont have to be on your own anymore

You could wait
But there may not tomorrow
Can you take
A minute just to listen gotta let it go

Chorus (repeat twice)

(He’s waiting He’s waiting)
He’s reaching up to you with open arms
(patienly waiting)
So open up your mind
And open up you heart
(He’s Waiting, He’s waiting)
All the tears is just a spark
(he’s waiting)
You know he’ll bring a way
A brand new day

He’s waiting


Waiting He’s waiting
So patiently waiting (repeat)

His love
His love


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