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Which Way Will You Choose?

Which Way Will You Choose?

Randy Travis

As the world becomes entwined
In the lies from Satans mind
A leader will arise to take the reins
Saying love will bring us peace
If you put your hope in me
Renouncing hte name of Jesus or be slain


Chorus: Which way will you choose
Which way will you choose
You got everything to gain
You got everything to lose

As the masses take his mark
Believe the lie to chill there hearts
They’ll know the time has come to seal their fate
Those who cling to the cross
Will refuse and pay the cost As God redeems his own from the sea of hate.



As the age draws to an end
Hope will tumble down again
The Lord will make them feel their sin and shame
YOu can make the choice right now
Trust in Christ our hope and crown
Or watch the world you love go up in flames


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